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Gaining Weight, Then Losing It, Then Gaining It Back

Gaining Weight, Then Losing It, Then Gaining It Back

I had a good run with the-” I don’t have to work out everyday to ‘stay in shape'”kick. If you recall, a couple of years ago at Christmas, I saw a picture of myself in a bathing suit on vacation and vowed to lose weight the minute I landed back at home. I had this epiphany, posted the image on Instagram, and even in the caption mentioned that I wasn’t happy with where I was and that my plan was to drop pounds.

I reached out to NutriSystem and started working out with Kenya Crooks, a popular weight-loss expert in Atlanta. I was determined to succeed.

Check out my initial weight loss here. 



After photo

After dropping more than 50lbs going to bootcamp 3 days a week, plus the gym the other days and then eating Nutrisystem meals 5 days a week, I had quickly reached my goals in 5 months 🙂 I went for years with doing mid-range working out like fun dance classes, spin, and more since then. I wasn’t doing the same level of workouts I had been doing when I was on a mission.

Three years later, again I was going through some personal issues and the weight slowly kept creeping back. I didn’t notice it at first until my clothes started getting tighter and tighter. When I lost the initial weight, I gave away most of my clothes or sold them. I didn’t want to have to buy a whole new wardrobe …again.

As I get on the scale almost daily, I see the weight keep going higher and higher and I am back in an “unhealthy” range based on BMI. 20 pounds later, my muffin top is back and I am unhappy in the dressing rooms when trying out clothes that don’t fit (OMG, how joyous was it when I used to try on outfits in the dressing room and clothes were too big lol).

I decided I want to get back in shape and start doing my serious workouts again. I am going to start back with Kenya next week so I can reach the goals that I am looking for. I really just want to lose my stomach and get back into my clothes to I don’t have to rebuy clothes lol.

Has this happened to you! You lose alot of weight and get rid of your clothes and then get back in the same position?