Fridays! How Do I Celebrate Them Naturally (with Deer Park)

After a long week, you know what I like to do?

Deer Park  asked me how I celebrate Fridays and the weekend “naturally”! Friday’s are super huge to me. I wait for them since Monday lol. By Thursday I am super excited! So how do  I celebrate Friday’s and the weekend naturally?

Chill with my dog Bentley! lol Just spreading the natural love. We curl up on the couch and watch movies . I even make him take pictures with me!

photo 1


Sometimes I don’t think he minds it though….

We chill and watch movies together (I know people that don’t like dogs are like “OMG, her dog is in her bed!”)

photo 2


That’s what we do! We just enjoy each other’s time. I watch movies and rub his belly and that’s our idea of a fun time that doesn’t require much at all!


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