Friday Favorites- My Favorite Posts Around The Blogosphere

My Favorite Posts Around The Web

ILoveBoxBraids Tumblr Just because I am obsessed with box braids right now. I mean I can go on there for hours and look at all the cool box braids Where Does Beautiful Begin? 2012 EBONY HBCU Campus Queens! VOTE!  I went to an HBCU so I always love looking at the ladies who are the college queens! Ask the ESSENCE Beauty Editors: ‘What Is a BB Cream?’  I haven’t been on my Youtube grind in awhile so I haven’t seen the craze of BB creams…but on Instagram I have. I was interested myself to know what it is and what the benefits are. 12 Apps That’ll Make You Skinny  I am on a mission to lose a couple of inches around my waist AND I am addicted to my iPhone…so what better way than to find an app that helps me lose weight.

My articles around the blogosphere

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