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French Braids Into Beautiful Waves

French Braids Into Beautiful Waves

French braids are super cute but girly at the same time. I love wearing them! Since I have the Beautiful Textures TMS system in, it’s actually easier for me to style my dry hair so this weekend I decided to do two french braids. I rocked that for 3 days (even though my bf hated it) and I took them out on Monday evening and had beautiful big waves!!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a pic of the braids when they were fresh, but here it is right before I took them out so they were kinda fuzzy at this point.

photo 2

Here it is from above! Check out all those grays!! Eeekk!

photo 1

 I added no additional product. The only product I had on the hair pre-braids was III Sisters Of Nature’s Leave In Conditioner. And here is the look after I unraveled!

photo 5

photo 4

I loved it! It was big and full, shiny, and didn’t take much work at all. In the back, you just have to blend in the part so you won’t still see the line.