Formal Hairstyle On Natural Hair

Formal Hairstyle On Natural Hair

This weekend I happened to be a Bridesmaid in my friend Heather’s wedding. Since it’s August and the wedding was outside, I was freaking out about what to do with my hair. The humidity is no joke in Georgia in August and I had to think fast.

i haven’t been feeling my wash & go’s lately unless I have time to really make it perfect (AKA time to fully dry it at home). I figured that morning I would blow it out and do a crown braid. The night before I searched several Youtube videos for the perfect crown/halo braid. The other thing was, I wanted a crown braid that went all the way around. Not one on one side and one on another. AND I also wanted to learn how to do one with my own hair. Most of the tutorials included adding in fake hair and I didn’t have time for all that lol.

I checked out this video and that was the plan. The next morning, I washed my hair and blew it out and headed to the wedding site. While there, I didn’t feel like experimenting too much because I didn’t want to be the bridesmaid looking horrible trying to experiment with my hair that day. lol.

I decided to do a sideswept look while still incorporating a braid on one side. I got my flat iron out and ONLY straightened the perimeter of my hair and down the part. I then used some HICK’s Edges and put that the edges, brushed it and started my french braid. I let the braid go to the side so it could reach the other side when done. I braided it all the way to the end.

On the left side, I decided to do wand curls with my mini iron all over. from there, I took the cascading curls and gently wrapped it around the braid and stuck bobby pins in there!

This look held up ALL night! I love this and it was very simple to do. This might be my go-to formal look!!

(I’m still going to be trying out the crown braid this week so look out for that and see how I do!)