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Flexi Rod Set- Day 1 and Day 2

I feel like I haven’t had my hair out in like 10 years but in actuality it’s only been 6 weeks. A great six weeks of protective styling. After I took out my braids and detangled the birds nest that was on my head, I decided to do a flexirod set.

I got out my grey and orange rollers and got to work. I took small sections and used a rat tail comb to smooth the hair and then I rolled under all the way and secured the roller by bending them in.

So I totally suck because I didn’t start putting the rollers in until about 9 and finished up around 9:45ish so clearly when I woke up in the morning, my hair wasn’t completely dry. But I had to take them out! I couldn’t walk around my office with rollers lol.

The roots are super puffy, but it doesn’t look horrible! It’s still a fail though because I definitely know better and realize my hair has to be completely dry before I take them out.

So I took them all out and then gently pulled apart each curl! I separated each curl about 2 or 3 times!

Day 1

Day 1, not so bad. Because I have big hair anyway, the puffiness was no big deal

Day 2

Still looks decent! (I look crazy because it was super bright outside)

Day 3, I will probably still rock it the same!  Day 4, I will probably pin it up into a cute updo!

What I learned? Start my roller set earlier in the day if I am going to let it airdry or sit under the dryer!! And if I don’t have enough time, don’t do it!!! Other than that, I am still happy with it, puffy roots and all!