Hair Of The Day : Flat Twist Out On A Natural Tapered Cut

I am still really trying to get my flat twist outs together since I cut my hair. It’s so much easier with long hair so I have to try different things since I have different lengths. Some of the hair in the back is too short to grip and then the back and sides are faded.  For one, I need to do a twist out when I actually have time to let it dry completely lol. This is one of those times again that I didn’t feel like sitting under the dryer for an hour and I didn’t let it dry completely. :sigh:

On a whim, I decided to do a flat twist out before an event I attended this Saturday.

Even though my hair didn’t dry, It turned out okay…



I definitely am feeling the cut. Low on the sides and high in the front. I think I want to go a little longer in the top and then keep it like that while doing designs on the side to keep it a little funky.



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