#FitnessFriday : Relationship Weight Gain!

#FitnessFriday : Relationship Weight Gain!

So I am back in my relationship…and guess what else is coming back? My weight. The reason I gained weight in the first place was because I was in a relationship: we ate all day long, & got comfortable. Years later and over 100 lbs gained between the two of us, we realized it was an issue.

Back at it, 3 heavy meals a day, and tons of pork chops later, I am gaining more weight. Now to recap, it isn’t the pounds that is an issue for me…it’s my stomach like most women. When you eat more, that generally goes to your waist and thats what I hate.

We are on a mission to do better and get back to our healthy eating that we were doing apart! I think it has to do with being southern and cooking for 2! When you are cooking for one, it’s easy to just make 1 piece of fish. When it’s for 2…why not cook 4 pieces of chicken instead of 2? Lol It’s a strange cycle. So moving forward, we are trying to get better and back to our eating habits from the past year that got us on a healthy journey!

Have any of you experienced the relationship weight gain/Love weight?