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#FitnessFriday – Pescatarian Diet + Bikram Yoga

#FitnessFriday – Pescatarian Diet + Bikram Yoga


I have made the decision to transition to a Pescatarian diet. I have a couple of friends who are pesca and I used to think it was so hard.

No poultry or red meat for me! It makes me think of the hilarious moment on “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when Toula tells her aunt that Ian doesn’t eat meat! If you have seen the movie, you get it!


I am two weeks down and I feel great! I am a big lover of pork chicken & beef….but I can live without it. (at least so far). Eating only fish & shellfish didn’t seem pretty hard to me. The hardest thing is most places only have salmon and I don’t really love salmon. So far I’ve only been stuck once with no options of food. Of course, all of the events I go to with “light bites”, I’m sure I will go starving but I am okay with that.

In addition to my no red meat & poultry, I am taking Bikram Yoga.  I am trying to get into the habit. Surprisingly I have been doing pretty well and have only had to sit down about 5 minutes out of the 90 minute class. I really want to continue yoga and get more flexible. Not to mention, I feel totally great after class. I just feel better and calm and zen.

*I am a beginner so don’t judge my poses lol*

IMG_5458 IMG_5413 IMG_5373

These two new additions to my life are so far going great.

As of now, my goal was to do one month with just fish & shellfish. Who knows?? This might be a lifestyle change. The only reason I had the goal of one month was to see if I can do it. At 2 weeks in and no cravings, I think I can do this for real.

Same with yoga. I want this to be ongoing. These are changes that I am trying to make. Catch me on Instagram for updates as well. Instagram: @LexiWithTheCurls