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#FitnessFriday NutriBullet Action! Green Smoothies!

#FitnessFriday NutriBullet Action! Green Smoothies!

Okay, so my original goal was to do the 10-day Green Smoothie Detox by JJ Smith. I purchased all the ingredients but then I fell off as far as the recipes are concerned. I decided to do the modified version which is where you do two smoothies and one healthy meal. A couple of days I have done a green smoothie for breakfast and dinner and a healthy lunch and one day I did a smoothie for breakfast and lunch and had a healthy dinner.

This is actually going great! I am switching up the greens like it advises in the book. Some days I do spinach and others spring greens…I am dreading putting in kale but I will be trying that out this weekend.

I have been doing it for 4 days so far and am loving how I feel! I feel more energized. My skin is breaking out though :/ which is normal when detoxing. Once I am all done, I will have nice healthy skin!

Let’s talk the NutriBullet Pro. I am sooo glad I purchased this. I really wasn’t feeling spending over $100 on a “blender” but at Bed, Bath & Beyond, they talked me into this one. I knew I needed enough power to break down greens. Regular $20 blenders just won’t cut it with breaking it down and I don’t want chunks of greens in my drink :/

When I got in line to purchase, a couple behind me chimed in and reassured me that this would be the best purchase I ever made. This made me feel better about spending so much (to me) for a blender. I will say they were all right. And so far it is well worth the money!


You receive 2 blades and 4 cups of different sizes with different tops so you can make it and then just put the top on and you can take it to work with you. It is easy breezy. And cleanup—sooo not an issue. Just rinse and cleanse it as soon as you are done and you are good to go.

So here is what I have been making so far. (FYI- I just made these up and put random things in)
nutribullet smoothie 2 greennutribullet new smoothie green

Today I switched to Spring Greens which doesn’t taste as good, but it’s good for you so it’s not too bad for breakfast and dinner!! lol (Or so I keep telling myself)