#FitnessFriday I’m Back At It

#FitnessFriday I’m Back At It

I have been neglecting my fitness “regimen” that really didn’t exist. I have been trying to get out and exercise but I just have not been motivated. I look in the mirror and I HATE my muffin top, but I still didn’t have the motivation to get up and go to the gym and get some cardio in. Or better yet, I couldn’t stop eating all of the unhealthy but tasty food I was eating.

While riding home 2 weeks ago, I saw a new ladies gym that has a bootcamp down the street from me. If I needed any type of sign, it was definitely that. I had no excuses. The timing of the bootcamp was perfect for my schedule with work and it’s on my way home. So I am back at it this week. I am only 2 days in, but feeling better about life already!

The bootcamp instructor wants us to do only fish, veggies and fruit for the next 30 days. I think I can do it. I know thats my problem now. Since my boyfriend was back, he cooks ALOT…and I mean ALOT. We eat waaayyyy too much and we get seconds..and thirds, and so on. So once again, we both gained weight. This fish diet might be a challenge for me but I think it is doable. Luckily I love veggies.

I am up to 176 lbs right now and my goal is to get to 165 and almost 160 even. But regardless of weight, I just want this muffin top GONE!!!! FOREVER!!! lol It is just getting warm in Atlanta and I want to be able to wear my clothes…but as of now..nothing fits. None of my jeans fit. They button and zip but it hurts throughout the day and it creates the dreaded muffintop so I have to wear big tops on top. I recently went to Ross to get some looser fitting bottoms to get me through this hump. I refuse to have to buy all new clothes AGAIN after I did that after my weight loss. I am going to be a on clothing spending hiatus. No point in spending money while my weight is up and down.

Oh and this haircut today at bootcamp made life a breeze. I can tell I am going to love this cut this summer!!!

Let’s have a great Spring and get/stay healthy!