#FitnessFriday Healthy Food Portions

#FitnessFriday Healthy Food Portions

It’s a week after the holidays and I am totally feeling it. Holidays usually bring great food & weight gain. I love to eat southern food because I am from the south. This includes fried porkchops, fried chicken and tons of macaroni and cheese…lol

When I first was losing weight, I attribute it to the PARTNERSHIP of working out AND eating healthier. I was on NutriSystem so everything was portioned. I learned to eat smaller portions. I started feeling fulfilled with smaller portions. I am now getting back to eating larger portions so I am trying to get out of that. I have to get back to where I was. I actually FEEL better when I eat smaller portions. When I overeat, I feel weighed down. Eating smaller portions makes me feel more energized .


Now, I don’t do any types of diets or not eating meat, or no fried foods. I still eat what I want (Hey, I’m southern!) BUUTTT I just have to get to where I was in eating smaller portions. It is hard to get to that point and was hard for me originally. Here are some tips for people wanting to change up their eating habits without sacrificing the food they want:

  • Don’t eat until you are full. You know when you are at that point of overeating and you are feeling sluggish, but yet you still want those last four bites. Leave them! Or take them home. I think this goes back to growing up when your parents told you you had to eat everything off your plate before leaving the dinner table. Well, it’s not good if you are overeating. Those are probably habits alot of us have. Don’t eat to full or past full.
  • Eat until you are satisfied. Once you feel fulfilled, you don’t need to take more bites. If your body feels good and you are satisfied, thats a good point to stop eating.
  • Stick with small portions.  I no longer pile my plate up high or cover it to the point where you can’t see the actual plate anymore. If you make your plate with smaller portions, then you are least likely to overeat and grab more food.
  • When you are out at a restaurant, the portions are generally huge and waaay more than most people need. Make sure you take half home for another meal at another time.

These are just some tips for people who are looking to change up their eating habits, but don’t want to sacrifice what they are eating. I am not a big dieter, so not eating certain things is not an option for me lol.