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#FitnessFriday Green Smoothies, Spin Class, & More

#FitnessFriday Green Smoothies, Spin Class, & More


The past 2 weeks I haven’t been doing much working out. Before that, for a month I was going to boot camp 3 days a week which was very intense. Every other day I wasn’t there, I was doing spin class at the new spin studio Vibe Ride in Atlanta. Last weekend Jess came with me!!! I try to recruit everyone to spin class – especially with the infamous Derry┬áplaying my kinda music (down south/trap┬ámusic of course)

In addition, for over a month I was drinking green smoothies. No particular recipe. I was just making sure I put more greens than fruit. I also used flax seed, stevia for sweetener and water. After 2 weeks of twice daily smoothies replacing meals, I started using Almond Milk instead of water. Both taste good to me. Surprisingly, I really, really like kale in my drinks. I saw all the reviews and everyone said the kale is so nasty but it didn’t taste bad to me. In fact, it tasted really good that I switched from spinach to kale. You are supposed to switch up though and not eat the same type of greens every single day.

Smoothies really help start out my day. I went from never eating breakfast to doing a smoothie every morning. I will say it has totally helped out my eating habits kind of like NutriSystem did for me during my original weight loss journey. It helped me not crave any sweets (which I rarely do anyway) but also helped me not want to eat fatty or fried foods. Even if I would order something, I would eat a couple of bites and I just wasn’t feeling it like usually. That is exactly what I was going for- changing my eating habits.

Well, since doing green smoothies and going to boot-camp and spin class at Vibe Ride for 4 weeks, I am down 7 lbs. I don’t know how many inches in my belly were lost but a couple of people have noticed. My goal is really to get my muffin top into non-existent territory. I just don’t want any of my stomach hanging over any bottoms lol. That’s all I ask for!! lol

I am going to start going back to the gym starting Sunday to get back in the habit of the gym. After all, I have been wasting money on LA Fitness each and every month that I don’t go. I might as well sweat and burn some calories.

Oh, if you didn’t know, I started an official instagram page for #CurlyAndFit. The IG page is @GetCurlyAndFit. This campaign is to encourage women of color to work out despite being worried about their hair. If I had a dollar for each time someone said they weren’t going to work out because of their hair, I would be a wealthy woman by now. Let’s not let our hair dictate our health. It’s not about getting skinny, but about getting active and living a healthy lifestyle. Join the movement!! Tag your working out, healthy food, etc… pics with #CurlyAndFit and I will repost you. Tell your friends! Hopefully it will inspire.