#FitnessFriday #CurlyAndFit Dance Classes With @CantuBeauty & @HalfieTruths

#FitnessFriday #CurlyAndFit Dance Classes With @CantuBeauty & @HalfieTruths

Okay…okay! So who likes going to the gym? I know I don’t. I am always trying to find different ways to work out that are FUN! I want to burn calories and not even think about how hard it is or how much I am sweating! I need loud dope music to keep my energy up. I don’t want to feel like I’m working out…I want to have Fun!!

I was so happy that Cantu partnered with me for 4 fitness classes in Atlanta. While they provide awesome haircare to maintain healthy hair, they also care about our overall wellbeing. This is why I started Curly & Fit. I wanted to show that you can maintain healthy stylish hair AND workout your body and sweat. I don’t want to hear from women of color anymore, “I can’t sweat. My hair looks too good” or “I have an event this week so no sweating for me”. It’s a serious issue.

On another note, I find that alot of people aren’t here for the gym. They want something that is going to motivate them to get up out of the bed or off the couch. For me it was spin class, pole fitness and other dance classes. That’s what motivated me. Going to the gym….Nah, I’ll pass. Going to a turned up spin class with fun music or dancing to Gucci Mane…I’ll take it!!

Thanks to Kenya (@HalfieTruths) we were able to get her to come to Atlanta to do 2 classes- Strut (chair) and Miami Bounce (fun booty class)

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Every attendee took home Cantu gift bags with product and samples!! Thanks Cantu!

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