#FitnessFriday I’m Getting A Bike

#FitnessFriday I’m Getting A Bike

Not a motorcycle though lol.

I got into a slump which means the inches expanded on my body and the pounds went up. I am unfortunately a slave to my scale now and I don’t want to be. You know how you get when you feel yourself getting bigger? It’s not the bigger that bothers me, it’s the way my body feels. I feel sluggish. I am out of breath just walking across the street to walk to lunch. I want to feel better. I am working on getting consistent. This is the reason why I am trying to schedule multiple fitness classes for Curly & Fit. It makes me accountable and helps other people and also myself. Sometimes it takes a team of people to work together and encourage each other.

I see a ton of bikes in my area. Not just families… I mean serious bike riders. On the weekend I see groups of men and women riding on the streets and they look super official. I began to think…hmmm this seems interesting. I decided to look into getting a bike.I like spin class but haven’t actually ridden a bicycle in maybe 10 years literally. I just want to sweat, burn calories and watch my waist get smaller lol.

I decided to get a cruiser because I just want to “cruise” and not ride fast. I plan on going to parks that have trails in the area. Also, there is a heavy bike community in Atlanta so I plan on joining some of the groups to help me out. Again…accountability is key for me. I know if I am meeting up with other people, it pushes me to go.

Do you ride a bike? Any tips while I am just getting started again as an adult?

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