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#FitnessFriday Alternatives To The Same Gym Routine

#FitnessFriday Alternatives To The Same Gym Routine


The gym is boring (to me). No offense to anyone that loves the gym, but I need something different in my life. I need to take something different, listen to some fun music, and come out sweating! I am always on the hunt for some fun classes!

Fun Dance Classes

From Twerk Out class to pole fitness to Fet’Ness (caribbean dance class), this has really helped me out. These classes are fun, I get to dance, and I am burning calories.

New Classes

Recently, I hit up Double Dutch Aerobics in Atlanta. OMG…Firstly, I had never double-dutched before in my life. They literally taught me how to in less than a minute. I was doing simple tricks by the end of the class.  (Look out for more on this class)

Class Pass is new to Atlanta but has been in other cities. It’s a monthly pass ($79) that allows you access to several gyms and studios over the city. This is a dream come true for me. I had doing the same thing everytday. This gives me a chance to be introduced to studios I didn’t know existed and also fun classes!


This is a new concept. The workout party! DYBRKR (Daybreaker) started in London and has expanded across the pond and now in a couple of places in the states. You do early morning yoga and then it turns into a party! A literally party with a DJ/band and light healthy snacks and drinks! This was so much fun when I went a couple of weeks ago in Atlanta.

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