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#FitnessFriday 2017 Fitness Trends With ClassPass + Coupon

#FitnessFriday 2017 Fitness Trends With ClassPass + Coupon



As we know, this past week was probably the week that every fitness, dance and yoga studio got an influx of members. For some reason, the new year marks a time for many people  to get serious about our health (shouldn’t this be happening year round??) I get like this too. I don’t even understand the mind-games we play with ourselves lol. Well…anyway, it’s time to get ready for beach season for me so it’s crunch time.

ClassPass, a membership program that allows you access to several fitness studios in your city is a great way to do a mix of workouts. Instead of just going to one gym, you may be interested in taking a strength training here, a dance class there, and a spin class at another studio. It can get very costly spending $100 membership at each studio or purchasing separate classes at around $20-30 per class. With Classpass you have access to several studios for one price. Monthly- 3 classes for $35, 5 for $55, and 10 for $100.

BONUS You can check out 3 classes for $5 using this link to try it out and before the end of the month decide whether you want to keep it or cancel it.


There were different fitness trends in 2016 and ClassPass has compiled a list of some interesting findings:

  • Overall, strength training remains as the most popular workout of 2016, accounting for 35% of ClassPass reservations.
  •  Barre was the biggest breakout trend workout, increasing to 17% of class reservations, making it the genre that saw the most growth in 2016.
  •  Martial Arts and dance classes all increased in 2016 as well.
  • Jan 12th was the most popular workout day of the 2016, with 31% of users taking class that day.
  • As of December 11, ClassPass users had worked out for a collective 563,120,844 minutes/9,385,347 hours.
  • As far as a prediction for 2017 goes, Cycling has been on the rise again all year, it started the year at 19% of reservations and has increased to 20% in the spring and summer, and topped 21% of reservations this fall. We expect that growth to continue well into the new year.

This seems about right for me personally. I definitely hit up more cycling and dance classes this year and stepped outside of my norm. Cycling makes me feel great and I love the music. It’s my favorite workout.


Barre, I tried once and I just couldn’t get down with it. It was painful, however, I do know that is definitely a class that you have to continue to go to to get through the aches. I was definitely sweating. I’ll have to give it another shot.

According to Classpass, here were the trends in top cities ATL, LA, NY, and MIami!


·         Barre was the hottest workout in 2016 in Atlanta – local barre studios include:

o    Exhale

o    Fly Barre

o    Pink Barre

o    Pure Barre

o    The Barre Scene

o    The Bar Method  

·         Additional popular studios include Torq Cycle, DEFINE, and The Daily.

New York

·         Cycling was the hottest workout in 2016 in New York – local spin studios include:

o    Crank Cycling Studio

o    Flywheel

o    Peloton

o    Revolve


·         Additional popular studios include BFX, KORE, and Barry’s Bootcamp.


·         The top fitness trend in Miami was Barre – local barre studios include: 

o    Barrebox

o    exhale

o    The Barre Code

o    The Bar Method

·         Additional popular studios include The Pilates Place and Red Zone Fitness.


·         The top fitness trend in LA was Pilates, local studios include: 

o    Bodyline Pilates Fitness

o    Club Pilates

o    Melrose Pilates

o    Rev Pilates

o    Speir Pilates

o    WundaBar

·         Additional popular studios include Burn 60, Circuit Works, Cycle House, Fitmix Studio and IRON Boxing.

Not surprised by barre being super hot in Atlanta. Barre studios are popping up everywhere. Again..another confirmation that I need to give it another try.

If you are interested in trying out Classpass, you can get 3 classes for $5. You can’t beat that. You can check out the large list of studios and gyms they work with and select your three. At $1.66 a class, you can’t beat that. 3 classes a month with them is normally $35. (It will auto renew if you decide to keep it. You can cancel it if you decide not to)

I am looking forward to a great fitness year.

(Images from ClassPass)