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Fitness & Life Balance- Hair, Clothing, & Makeup!

Fitness & Life Balance- Hair, Clothing, & Makeup!

Wow! I can tell you that trying to find a balance between working out & life has been really tough for me sometimes! The summertime brings on a ton of events which means that I don’t want to go work out after work…I want to go out and have fun! :sigh:

Last year, I didn’t have much balance. I literally would not go anywhere after work because I had gym time set in, or I had pole fitness class, or I had training. Since then, I have grown alot. I do have some tips to help transition between working out and going out and having a social life. You can do both in the same day!!


Okay, we all know hair is the biggest deal. Everyone is worried about working out because of their hair. Now comes in protective styles!! A protective style makes it easier to transition from workout to job to happy hour or from job to workout to happy hour! You don’t have to wear protective styles, but it is a good way to make the balance easy. Braids, twists, extensions or even u-part wigs are a great way to sweat and still look good after. If you do wear your own hair out like I do most of time, put your hair in a bun! That works for the gym and in the evening!



Lululemon has an excellent line of to and from the gym clothes…and I’m talking CUTE clothing! They provide lightweight clothing that you can throw on after the gym and actually go out and not look like you just came from the gym! They can transition from gym to night and it’s meant from people that were sweating!

Check out the Get It On Dress ($109) , The Yoga Over Skirt  ($88), or the Noir Dress (I have this one and I love it!)



Okay, now makeup at the gym is no bueno. Your makeup will be running down your face and that isn’t cute! And after a work out, you don’t want to put a ton of makeup on either because you just sweated and burned a ton of calories. BB Cream is a great after workout makeup. It doesn’t clog your pores and is super lightweight. My favorite BB Cream right now is Too Faced Beauty Balm in Beach Glow. It gives me light coverage and makes me look fresh. I just pop on some eyeliner, mascara, and a nude lip gloss and I’m good to go!

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