Fit & Fabulous – Motions & Black Girls Run Hair Chat

Fit & Fabulous – Motions & Black Girls Run Hair Chat

I had a blast this week with Black Girls RUN!®  Fit & Fabulous was the motto this week! You can get fit and still look amaze!!

First, I went on Kiss 104.1 in Atlanta and represented Motions® Haircare with the Black Girl’s RUN! ® co-founders and talked briefly about the importance of staying healthy AND still being able to have healthy hair. Check me out at the station. We also gave away 10 sets of Motions® products to people who called in. (Don’t worry, I will be doing a huge giveaway soon online)

So, fast-forward to that weekend! I headed down to the Sheraton to see TONS of ladies with all types of hairstyles- from twists, to locs, to cornrows, to extensions and much more. These ladies were so inspirational because they were unafraid of getting their ‘do messed up. I hear it a lot, “I don’t want to sweat”, “I don’t want to mess up my hair”. Had no idea it was that deep. With me being natural, sweat and rain and anything else never bothered me. But I hear it all too often.

Motions® was there to hook people up by listening to the runners hair concerns and recommending products for each person based on their needs. 

If you are one of those people who don’t want to ”mess up your hair”, I had the chance to talk to some BGR members who gave some tips on how to keep your hair healthy and how to maintain it when working out – Fit & Fabulous!

The day of the race was HUGE! A massive crowd of Black women who run was sooo inspiring!


At the end of the race, I ran into a couple of runners cooling down.

I also ran into Co-founder Toni.

Check out my video here to hear women with all hair types and styles talk about what they do to maintain their hair while getting healthy!

Shout out to Motions® for being apart of such a great event like BGR because it is so important for Black women and our obesity rate.

This post was created in sponsorship with Motions®