First Month Check In

I don’t know about you all, but I had a great month. I may not have lost 12 lbs but I feel much better. I did e-diets food for 2 weeks and they were actually pretty good. I think I am going to take my mom’s advice and find a local place that does will be much cheaper and easier. Soo on to the good stuff. Send your pics in if you want to participate. I understand people may not feel like taking pics, and updating. That is fine.

(I will be taking pics tonight)

Adrienne of

Starting Weight: 199

Ending Weight: 190


Jameka of

Weight At the Beginning of the month: 161

What habits did you change this month?

  • Water intake
  • Eating out/fried food
  • Eating more meals (3 a day with 3 rounds of snacks throughout the day lol)

Did you try anything new? Did you like it?

  • Can’t say that I tried anything new. I’ve been using the SparkPeople Tracker which has helped, but I haven’t used it faithfully but from what I’ve used, I like it 🙂

How do you feel?

  • I feel great! I can’t say that I feel amazzzinngggggg, but I do feel more energized and more productive throughout the day. I feel healthier because I am not feasting on junk food everyday.

Any thoughts:

I definitely am lagging in the exercise department. Today is payday so I’m hoping to buy some goodies. If I do, I’ll share them with you. I’m looking to get some weights, new dvd workouts, and a resistance band.

Weight at the end of the month: 156


Lisa K.

Current weight 235  Lost 11 lbs

Waist  44 inches  Lost 2 inches


Shae W.

At 217lbs

at 213 lbs


Jonna aka Monchhichi

Start Weight: 154

Jan 15 Weight: 152.25

1st Monthly Weigh in:149.75