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Finger Coils With @CantuBeauty Define and Shine Custard

Finger Coils With @CantuBeauty Define and Shine Custard


I haven’t done finger coils in a long time. I did do them since I had my hair short but I didn’t do them small. I also did them  on the sides since they weren’t quite long enough for rods, but it was just long enough for finger coils. I was chatting with Natural Partners In Crime and she mentioned that she does finger coils and they last awhile.

I headed over to Youtube to see if there was a good method that looks good. I saw a lot of parting and ladies talking about how long they took :sigh: so I decided to just do my own thing. I don’t have the patience for hours of finger coiling, parting, etc…

I grabbed the Cantu Define & Shine Custard and sectioned my hair off making sure it was still very wet. I lightly scrunched my hair in a fiber towel but not enough to dry it. I just didn’t want it dripping everywhere. I started in the back and combed the product through with the Evolve Rat-tail comb which is AMAZING! They recommended this when I was at Wal-Mart. It makes perfect lines and easily glides through small sections.

I literally grabbed the entire section and with the other hand pulled small sections and finger coiled it and let it drop. I LOVE the results. For 3 days I didn’t touch the coils.

DSC08572 DSC08575

I didn’t do the roots as tight as I should have. I think thats wear parting comes in versus just grabbing sections.DSC08574

On day 4, I pulled the coils apart to make it more full. This does last while so I think I need to do these more often. Maybe when I’m not being lazy I will actually part the sections so it looks cleaner. The back is still a little short so I can’t fully do the back.


I got compliments all week 🙂 I’ll keep working on them to perfect them. Everything looked great though!

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