Final Thoughts On My Faux Locs

Final Thoughts On My Faux Locs


Last week I just HAD to take out my faux locs. Even though they looked amazing and I got non-stop compliments, I really couldn’t keep them in longer. My edges constantly hurt from being pulled. I couldn’t wear the hair up without it hurting even after 3 weeks. The hair was kind of stiff so it always fell in my face, was hard to move, and was super heavy. It was just in the way and  hurt. To top it off, my scalp still had red areas. It would be small pieces of hair that was gathered in other locs that made it painful.  Worst of the worst, I have a small bare spot in the front right of my hair :/ I guess it was pulling too tight and the hair came out. So let’s just say this wasn’t an amazing experience for someone tender headed like me.

So all in all, would I get faux locs again? Yes! However, I wouldn’t get them as tight and I would not let them get all the edges in the hair. Some braiders love to get every little strand of hair.

Why do I think I had so many issues? For one, I am tender-headed. Any type of braids or sew ins always hurt me and I damn near want to cry. Two, because my hair is short, I think the hair was too heavy. Perhaps if they were larger in size and they took more hair per loc, it may not have hurt as much.

When will I get them again? I would totally get them this Fall or Winter. For right now with it being so hot, I just really wanted my hair back. I just wanted to wash it so bad and stop my head from being tender. For the summer,  it’s personally just too hot for me to have all that hair.

I really did love the look of the faux locs, but it was too difficult for me at this time so I will get them again later (with larger sections and not including every little strand!!)

DSC05059 DSC05053 DSC05055DSC05058