Fashion’s Night Out- Blogger Crawl Part I – DVF And Solange

Fashion’s Night Out- Blogger Crawl Part I – DVF And Solange

We had a great time on Thursday for Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) in NY! The crew and some of our readers started off at the Maybeline Catwalk in the Meatpacking district so we could have a meeting spot. Here is a group of us.

Photo Courtesy Shaded Blaque Photography

We then headed to Diane Von Furstenberg. I am a huge fan of her and her wrap dresses. I ruined my last DVF while I was in NY during a stampede on Bourbon St. 🙁 . Luckily, I got another great DVF on super duper sale at Neiman Marcus a couple of months ago so I deicded to rock that dress.

The store was super packed!! The line wrapped around the building and we waited in line for at least an hour. Thank God for CocoCafe who provided us with some very refreshing Coffee/Coconut Water (tastes fabulous by the way).

We finally got in, the whole group and had drinks and listened to the DJ waiting for Solange’s arrival.

Pics- Danielle of StyleAndBeautyDoctor and GorgeousInGray

Diane came out and everyone rushed to get a picture with her ( I was THIS close but then she had to leave).

After about another 30 minutes she came back out and got on the microphone. Surprisingly, she talked to us about her having to  leave to go here the President speak. She said “This is NOT a republican party!”. She also introduced Solange and said,”And she is not a Republican either”. It was almost a political speech lol! Was happy to hear her say such positive things about the President!

So onto Solo! She was so adorable. She actually looked overwhelmed at the amount of support and cheers for her…even bashful actually as she turned red lol. She played all of my favorite music- new and old- mostly old (circa late 90’s early 2000’s).

I didn’t get a chance to actually meet her ( Super Sad Face 🙁  ) BUT I snapped some pics. Here is Christina (LoveBrownSugar) and I!

Since we spent all the time in line and waiting a couple of hours for Solange…we actually didn’t make it to MAC to see Azaelia Banks. So we headed to the Beautiful Textures event. Post coming soon…

Check out this crowd shot:

Photo Courtesy Shaded Blaque Photography