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Fashion Fair’s Back! + Celebrity MUA Sam Fine Interview

This past weekend, I headed to Lenox Mall to interview the fabulous celebrity makeup artist Sam Fine. If you haven’t heard of him, he is responsible for great looks on Iman and many other celebrities.  He is now the Creative Makeup Director at Fashion Fair.

I used to use Fashion Fair back in the day (Toasted Almond was my favorite lip color!!) I haven’t revisited Fashion Fair in many years due to the huge popularity of some other brands. I actually went by the counter not too long ago though. When I found out Sam Fine was coming into town, I had to catch up with him to get the scoop on the re-innovation of Fashion Fair!

Here is what he had to say:

Lexi- Fashion Fair has been around for so long….

Sam Fine- Nearly 40 years!!

Lexi: What are the changes? I notice the packaging is different.

SF- It’s interesting these conversations are being had now. Those are important because the new packaging, some of the new shades that are here, had been here for a minute. They are not new. That’s why we do tours like this. This is the first tour that Fashion Fair has had in a very long time. These promotional tours bring attention to the newness that we have had and to the things that are currently released like the Truly Treasured Collection. The True Tone Fade Cream, the all natural fade cream, as a balance to Vantex one of our best selling products. Our wonderful fade cream has been on the market for quite some time. When I talk about newness and Fashion Fair, it’s more of a reinvigoration where you are making the consumer more aware of whats going on and what has changed a bit from when your mother might have known us.

L- If you had to pick only 3 products for a look, what would they be?

SF- I always say makeup is a personality. If a woman had to pick 3 fashion products she might say “I’m not going anywhere without my handbag”, or “I’ve got to have my big earrings but a t-shirt is okay”. I think makeup is a personality in that way. You know the products best that you couldn’t be without. Those three products for me would be simple ones- concealer, powder , and also mascara. I’d say lick your lips. You’ve already got great color being a woman of color. Play up your eyes with mascara, highlight them with concealer and use powder to alleviate shine and make the complexion appear more consistent.

L- In the summer, I am browner. My foundation is a tad off. Do I just wear bronzer or get a different foundation for those months?

SM- You get a different one. Not only does your color change…Before we get to makeup, let’s talk about SPF and how your color is changing because you are not using sun care. You are getting warmer in color because you are not using strong enough SPF. You are also talking about formula. I think your formula should change as well. During the summer months, you may want something that is a bit more sheer, something that has more versatility. In the winter months, you may require more moisture. You may require something that has a bit more coverage because you feel like you may have lost a little color as opposed to the summer “I am loving my color and I just need a little concealer or something that is just a veil of coverage”. I think every season you should readjust your makeup kit as well as edit and throw certain things out. Even for me as a makeup artist, there are certain things that I just always use so it’s a good time for me to look at formulas, colors, and just re-stocking my kit.

L- What are some summer trends this year for lips and eyes?

SF- Once again, makeup is a personality. We have been on this tour for two months and I have been from Mississippi to New Orleans to LA and now ending in Atlanta. Every city has its on trend. I have seen beautiful reds, great corals, and alot of natural beauties who just use gloss alone. That’s why I felt like the Truly Treasured collection is a wonderful range of plums. It starts out with First Lady that is a beigy rose shade and ends with Rebel which is a really deep purple shade that is very exciting and on trend. Those paired with a silver nail which is part of the collection, they make a wonderful package. It’s about versatility and the versatility that Fashion Fair can have as opposed  to the other brands is that all four of our shades are with you in mind. That’s the beauty of a collection like this. You can be as sophisticated or on trend as you like.

Thanks to Sam Fine for the interview and definitely check out Fashion Fair! I picked up their eyebrow pencil (it has a built in sharpener on one side) and some blush in Pearly Paprika.

Will you be re-visiting Fashion Fair?