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#FABFit Fitness Challenge 1 : Cleanse

#FABFit  Fitness Challenge 1 : Cleanse


Since my weight loss journey last year, I am overall more healthy. My goal is to STAY healthy. It is very important to me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are many aspects of creating a healthy lifestyle: Cleanse, Strengthen & Heal!

I have partnered with my girls Jessica of GlamazonsBlog and Christina of . We are embarking on a healthy journey and we want to invite yout to participate.

For the next month, we will have embarked on a health journey! First up is CLEANSE.

Good nutrition is very important to your body. I have learned over time that what you eat is just as important as working out. I am a firm believer that you can’t just do one or the other and expect results. You have to eat healthy AND exercise. What will I be doing?

  • Drinking a ton of water. I will drink at least 4 glasses of water during the day at work and make sure to drink water when I get home
  • Eat more fruit! Last week I bought a ton of peaches, cantaloupe, & apples.
  • No more eating out! Eating out isn’t good for me but sadly I do it alot. I am on a mission to cut down on eating out. I am going to make more meals.

What will you be doing to cleanse your body?