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Extensions Out + Hair Growth

Extensions Out + Hair Growth

I am always one of those people that tends to take out their own extensions. It’s not always great cause it’s so easy to cut your hair….but you know I do.. risktaker with my hair. I had these extensions in for a little over a 4 weeks. Perfect timing for me!

DSC_0446 in Virgin Curly

I get hair scissors and am VERY careful cutting the string as far away from my hair as possible. When you find a string, try to pull as tight as you can to get it away from your scalp. Slightly put your scissors in a snip! Once you get one string, it should be easy to pull the strings out along that line until you get the end and you need to snip again.


Once you have that and the net off, I started taking out the braids. Here I could see my new growth based on how far the cornrows come up:


Looks like a good amount…about an inch it looks like. I really retain my length better when I wear protective styles!

It took me about 2 1/2-3 hours today from cutting the weave out to actually unbraiding all the hair. Taking the braids out took the longest time really!

Hair is back to curly!!

DSC_0453 DSC_0452

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