Excursions: Big Beards Adventure Tour In St Croix #USVIRealNice

Excursions: Big Beards Adventure Tour In St Croix #USVIRealNice

For Thanksgiving, I visited the Virgin Islands to visit family. I hadn’t been since I was a preteen so I was really excited to visit as an adult.

Before my trip I was looking for some fun excursions that I could do. When looking for the best water excursions, Big Beards Adventure tours company popped up several times.

I connected with the VI tourism board and the day before Thanksgiving I took the trip. I participated in a half-day sale to Buck Island so I could snorkel and get a great glimpse of what the sea had to offer.

Buck Island is a US National Monument underwater and is protected by the government. The coral reefs are thousands of years old and shouldn’t be touched.

We rode for about 40 minutes maybe to get to the island. The view was beautiful as we left and could see the island behind us.

En route, they explained the how to’s and on one side of the island we had a small snorkeling tutorial. After we learned the basics, we headed to the other side for the real fun!

I was afraid to use my water proof pack for my phone so I didn’t get any underwater shots unfortunately. During the snorkeling, I preferred to stay with an instructor since the water was a little rough and I was nervous. He helped keep me calm. The coral was pretty high in some areas, but it was amazing to see fish of all sizes and color.

After snorkeling, they give you a ton on rum punch before you’re done in the afternoon. This made an excellent ending to the day.

I met Big Beard as we came back to dock.

Thank you so much to VI Tourism and to Big Beards Adventure. This was an awesome excursion and I’m so glad I went.

Check out this tour when you head to St Croix!