Event Ideas- Natural Hair

I am trying to plan new events for Atlanta and maybe some other cities if I have time. It’s always the same thing though—mixers, swaps, etc….

I’m looking for some new ideas of events that ladies would like to be apart of. There are several groups that do events but I want to do something different…

Any ideas would be much appreciated 🙂


curly comments!

  • Well I went to a meetup here in Los Angeles and we had about 3 natural hair dressers there to help us learn how to do styles. We practiced doing our hair and some people let us practice on them, which was helpful for those of us with children. The stylist was there to teach us. Then of course it was a pot luck and we did a normal swap. Maybe you can have a large prize that’s raffled off and the money can be put towards the next meeting or for a good cause. Maybe some demonstrations with a Steamer, I know I always wanted to try one. Or maybe a demo with the Tangle Teezer.

    I’m over on curlynikki and we are about to do another meetup but this time it’s just a social thing and some brewery…

    The one where we did each others hair was on meetup.com and I believe they posted pictures of that event.

  • girlfreend007

    Be a volunteer/support a cause. We can get involved by working as volunteers and supporting charities and nonprofit ideas. I try to volunteer or support a few events every year, Georgia Walk for Autism, American Heart Association Heart Walk, HIV/AIDS etc…here’s an upcoming cause to support, Rock the Red Pump campaign http://www.theredpumpproject.org/rock-the-red-pump/ .