Essence Natural Hair Chat

I just finished up participating in  the Natural Hair Chat on . It was nice. Tia Williams the Beauty Editor of was on, Chrisette Michelle, Bre of Top Model, Tippi Shorter, Hair Stylist Keith Campbell and Bobbi of Essence. They answered several questions from us viewers. Most of us weren’t able to get our questions in, but I was able to get one question in lol. Here are some of the things that stood out to me.

Bre shares her love for Mixed Chicks and Miss Jessies


Chrisette Michelle enters the room and immediately shares her love for Kinky Curly!



Overall, to me..the best quotes were  Tippi Shorter saying “we like to blow it out too. its not anti straight, its anti perm” when a viewer asked why straightening hair was apart of the discussion. Since when is it agaisnt the rules to straighten natural hair??

Another important quote she made “your type is specific to you so dont think someone can give you a number and a letter for it.” I found it so hard to believe that when you can ask the top hair stylists hair questions, people were asking about what their hair type is? Are you serious?

What I was surprised no one asked? Questions about how to grow hair long. I usually see that alot. I was pleasantly surprised that no one brought up this question. There are some other things we can focus on but length…Health being the first thing.

If you missed it, I believe they have the Chat transcript.