Essence “Hot Hair” Special Edition

I know I am a week late about this , but last week Essence had a “Hot Hair” Special Edition magazine.  It would actually be nice if they had one every month. I would get it…most likely.  I am interested in seeing the natural hair styles they have in there. I guess I may pick one up today.  If anyone got it, were you impressed? I hope they did a great job of connecting to African American/Multi Racial women and showcasing all different types of hair and styles. I stopped getting Sophisticate’s Black Hair because its like $5.99 now. Way to expensive for a magazine to me!!… I subscribe to weekly magazines like People, Us Weekly, and monthly mags Allure, Elle and I spend maybe 20 per subscriptions so $6 a issue is out of my range. I’m totally off subject now lol..but maybe they will make this into a monthly thing. I know Essence has disappointed alot of people, but Essence hasn’t failed me yet.  I enjoy the range of articles and the beauty features. I don’t feel like the majority of the magazine has to have women with natural hair since we aren’t the majority of black women so it’s all good to me- they show a range.  I like seeing all hair types and styles. I look forward to seeing their new Hot Hair edition.