Essence and Dark & Lovely Fashionista Event


I was so happy I was able to go to the Essence and Dark & Lovely Fashionista Event this weekend that I posted earlier in the week. This was held in Atlanta at The Biltmore. Upon arrival you walked the red carpet…or purple carpet in this case and photographers took pictures of us. This was a fashion/hair event but they also were auditioning ladies to be a hair model for Dark & Lovely in Essence magazine for a year.  (If you are interested in auditioning, you can go to ) …so when I first walked in, I had no intentions of auditioning but my friend that I was on the phone with convinced me to audition.


So onto the event..It was in such a nice hall with beautiful architecture. They provided a great light breakfast as well. The moderator of the event was Mikki Taylor of Essence Magazine.  On the panel was Johnny Wright (First Lady Michelle Obama’s hairstylist) as well as the gorgeous Lisa Raye McCoy. I loved the conversations of the event. They spoke alot about hair. Lisa Raye is actually natural and talked about discovering her curls. She protects her hair from heat and wears half wigs from time to time even though she has great length. She also spoke about something we hear EVERYDAY (I used to be the same way)…being length obsessed. She said she used to hold on to every inch even though it needed to be trimmed. Johnny Wright used to be her stylist and explained to her that she has to trim and your ends shouldn’t be see through. Lisa Raye fully understands now and has very healthy hair.

I wanted to ask Johnny Wright about Michelle Obama’s hair- whether it was natural or not since I have seen several speculations online. I didn’t get a chance to ask any questions though 🙁

The funny moment of the event: Johnny Wright joking about lacefront wigs. They are not for everyday use!


I ended up auditioning and was honored to speak before Mikki Taylor, Lisa Raye, and Johnny Wright.

All in all…this was an AWESOME event! I am so happy I found out about this. If you are in NY, you should go to the next one.

Btw, they gave out giftbags with shampoo and conditioner so tomorrow on my birthday I will be giving away a shampoo and conditioner.