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Enjoying Paradise At The RIU Paradise Island, Bahamas

Enjoying Paradise At The RIU Paradise Island, Bahamas

Sorry it’s been over a week since I posted last. Last week was super busy and I was preparing for my 30th birthday this weekend!!

I headed down to Paradise Island, Bahamas to celebrate my birthday at the RIU Palace Hotel- Paradise Island with Jessica from and Christina from I am not new to RIU and I stayed at the amazing RIU Palace in Negril for Christmas a couple of years ago and had an amazing time. I was happy to be able to check out the RIU Palace Paradise Island!

Also, I had been to the Bahamas several times as a child and pre-teen but not as an adult. Firstly, it was the quickest plane ride ever. Actually, it was the same amount of time that it takes me to get to Miami from here. 1 hour and 36 minutes. Easy breezy flight to paradise!


The resort was All-Inclusive which means that all drinks and food are included! Yep, full meals and alcohol for the drinkers.  There were actually liquor dispensers in the room with rum, vodka and other drinks.

The Beach


The beach was beautiful! I saw some reviews of that area’s beaches being pretty rough but luckily we had all beautiful days! The water wasn’t rough at all. The good thing is, you don’t have to go in far for the water to be above your waist. I actually love that. I hate where you have to go out super far just to be a little under the water in the case of emergencies.

We saw literally hundreds of fish–at one time! There were little fish, big fish, and all in between! It was so pretty! Too bad I didn’t bring my snorkel with me!


Food & Drinks

OMG, the all inclusive was great. They have a standard buffet that is open from 7am-9:30pm with a few breaks in between for Breakfast, lunch & dinner. All meals there were awesome. I had conch, shrimp, goat, oxtail, everything I love! They also had any type of drinks you wanted.

They also have specialty restaurants that are included in the price that you can make reservations for. We ate at the SteakHouse and had an amazing meal!


The Room

The room was a great size! It was 3 of us and we ended up getting a rollaway bed as well. There was also a couch. We had a corner room with a beach view so that was great!! We could see over the pool and the beach. If you are on the odd number side, you should have a great view.

One night there were amazing fireworks outside. I’m not sure if that was typical or if they just did that for my birthday (Just Joking lol) but it was a nice treat!

photo 3

What I loved:

  • All-inclusive- everything was included so you didn’t have worry about going into your pocket (accept to tip if you wanted to. Gratuity is included though I believe)
  • The beach was beautiful. Amazing fish would swim right up to you and you didn’t even have to be far.
  • All of the staff in the restaurants were amazing.
  • The buffet gave you so much of an option that I could’ve eaten there all day everyday.
  • The pool was nice but I didn’t spend much time there because I am more of a beach girl.

Check out RIU when you are visiting countries where they are!  They are all over the Caribbean, Central America, and even in places like Spain, Morocco & Turkey. Check out their various locations and you won’t be disappointed.