Easy Hair Washing With The @WaterpikShowers Hair Wand

Easy Hair Washing With The @WaterpikShowers Hair Wand

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I’ve had the same showerhead for about 5 years and it didn’t have many settings. I really wanted a shower head that massaged my scalp and shoulders

I wash my hair in the shower, probably like most of us, and sometimes it’s a struggle with regular shower heads. Here enters the Waterpik Hair Wand specifically for washing hair to eliminate tangling.

I was sent the Hair Wand to review and I was so excited. The hair washing wand makes it easy to rinse out the shampoo and conditioner plus had different settings for you.

I was able to swap my old shower head out for the new one in about 5 minutes. The directions were extremely easy!

I’ve been loving my new shower head, especially the PowerComb™. With the quick turn at the base, the water changes from the main shower head to the PowerComb.

It’s very easy to use. You start at the top and move it down as if combing your hair. I do this after each time I shampoo and condition my hair. This is what helps prevent your hair from tangling. Especially when shampooing, sometimes your hair can get tangled and feel all weird. I like how this makes my shampooing process easier and the combing process as well while I’m in the shower— and cuts the time down too!

This also feels AMAZING on my scalp. (My favorite part of going to get a massage is when they get to my scalp).

In addition to washing my hair, this also has 9 different settings for water pressure. It’s basically a spa in your bathroom. You can go with gentle or hard or even a soft mist for your face. You can even flip a switch on the wand and the pressure changes for massaging your body. The stress that I am feeling these days, I need this at home.

According to their consumer study,

“Up to 90% of users experience muscle tension release within minutes

As the temps go up, I’ll be washing my hair more so the PowerComb™ is perfect.

Watch the video at and look for the link to the $10 Rebate (good towards any purchase made on-line or in-store).