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Easy $6/3 Minute Bun With Marley Hair

Easy $6/3 Minute Bun With Marley Hair

The title says it all. I have plenty of bad hair days because I get kind of lazy. My go to hairstyle is definitely a high puff. To me- I only like doing it on day 2 or 3 minimum after a wash & go or twist out.

I needed another style for when I’m in a bind. Last week I couldn’t figure out what to do with my hair. I always keep random bags of hair around when a stylist didn’t use it all on my hair.

I remembered having some Marley hair (27/613) around that mimicked my hair texture dry so I scooped it up and took out one half keeping the band that comes with it.

Step 1- Slick your hair into a bun with gel or your product of choice. I did this from an old bun and just wet it a little with some Eco Styler gel. (As you can see– me doing a bun with my own hair looks a little skimp)

Step 2: Use that rubber band that came with it and secure it around your bun.

Step 3: Wrap it into a bun and secure with about 3-4 Bobby pins that match your hair tone!