Driving Around ATL In The Mazda CX-3

Driving Around ATL In The Mazda CX-3

The winter is generally pretty busy for me! Between the traveling and events, I’ve been swamped.

I got a chance to drive around the Mazda CX-3 around town and picked up my girl Dani as we hopped around from event to event.

Now that I don’t have the car anymore, I’m super sad because the heated steering wheel is EVERYTHING. Atlanta has been getting so much cold and snow and it was great to feel the warmth on my hands. Can you tell that i love the steering wheel? lol I also loved the size of the SUV. It’s perfect for a small family or a single person like myself who travels around with her girls. During that time I got to host Name That Tune at 2 Chainz restaurant Escobar for DJ Nick Love’s event. It was so much fun but freezing outside! I stumped a lot of people with my picks.

Thanks Mazda for getting me around the city in style and keeping me warm and safe.