Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream From

Dr.Jart+ Ceramidin Cream From


I’ve recently started taking better care of my skin and in order to do that, I am trying tons of products. I have a ton of cleansers, but when it comes to a moisturizer for my skin, I am on the hunt. This time up I am trying out Dr.Jart+ from Birchbox.

I received it about a month ago and have been using it ever since. I wanted to be able to give a thorough review. Let me tell you what the brand has to say and then I will give my thoughts:

Birchbox Breakdown

If you struggle with finicky skin, you’ve probably dreamed of a silver bullet that could solve all of your complexion problems at once. While that’s a bit of a stretch, Dr. Jart’s powerhouse cream is as close as any single product can come. Enhanced with a megadose of ceramides—the lipid molecules found lacking in severely dry skin—Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream combats roughness, redness, and irritation and moisturizes for up to 26 hours. Pretty miraculous, huh?

How it Works

This derm-developed formula provides prescription-quality relief for eczema and redness, as well as for garden-variety (but still frustrating) dry skin. The deceptively light formula replaces lost ceramides, boosting skin’s natural ability to retain moisture. In addition, a special blend of skin-repairing ingredients like folic acid prevent cell DNA damage and protect from pollution, UV exposure, and irritation.

I pretty much have combination skin. Sometimes I am oily on my T-zone and sometimes dry. It totally depends on the season. Sometimes you can even see the dryness in my face or my skin may flake. My skin will get red at times and I don’t like it at all. So I have been using this product over the past month after I cleanse my face and can I tell you that my skin feels HYDRATED! My allergies have been bad this past month which sometimes effects my skin but my face felt great. I haven’t been wearing makeup much this past month because I have been going back to the gym and dance classes so I am sweating alot. I just just a small amount of the product daily and then wash my face again at night.
This definitely helped combat my dry skin. I’m sure this would work well under makeup as well if you use just a little. Oh thats the good thing also, you don’t need much for your face. I use a little over a pea size and it seems to do the trick.
P.S. They are known to have amazing BB Cream that I haven’t checked out yet. I am excited to try out the other products from Dr. Jart+. I can tell from this cream that their products are high quality.