Dope Sunglasses : Introducing Krewe Du Optic




I have a new obsession: Krewe Du Optic sunglasses. I recently found out about them maybe a month ago.Ever since then, I have been stalking their Instagram to see what shades I wanted to buy. I am a big sunglass person- but I always prefer dope shades that no one else has. I also like shades that are different and stand out from the rest.

I think I might have found out about them when I opened up an email from Club Monaco and they were introducing their collaboration with them. I saw that the brand was based in New Orleans which happens to be my favorite city. I had to look more into them.

When I went to New Orleans a couple of weekends ago, they hadn’t yet opened their brand new store so I checked out their list of locations and hit up about 4 stores before deciding on the perfect shades. Their shades and eyeglasses are handmade in Italy and alot of them include 24K gold. They are super high quality and you could feel the difference. Their price-point is good for what you get. Ranging from around $185-245, you are definitely getting high quality sunglasses—with a lifetime warranty!! I have spent way more than that on luxury brand sunglasses and those glasses aren’t half the quality of these Krewe du Optics.

I decided on the L G D glasses in Bengal Mirrored 24K. I tried on many pairs and these totally stood out to me and I thought they looked great on my face.



krewe du optic L•G•D | BENGAL MIRRORED 24K krewe du optic L•G•D | BENGAL MIRRORED 24Kkrewe du optic L•G•D | BENGAL MIRRORED 24Kkrewe du optic L•G•D | BENGAL MIRRORED 24K sunglasses

Check out some more that I love:

Krewe-du-optic-louisa-black-sunglasses-front_1024x1024 Krewe-du-Optic-StLouis-black-and-oyster-sunglasses-front_1024x1024 Krewe-du-optic-StLouis-clear-to-sunday-optical-front_copy_1024x1024


It’s safe to say these are my new favorite sunglasses. Check out the ones below that you can purchase: