Dominican Salon/AA Salon Rivalry

I ran across an article in the Wall Street Journal about women flocking to Dominican Salons and dropping their AA salons.

“Armed with a blow dryer and brush, deft wrist action and shrewd promotional tactics, immigrants from the Dominican Republic are snipping away market share from African-American stylists whose mastery of black women’s hair ensured for generations that their customers wouldn’t, or couldn’t, leave them. Promises of seemingly healthier hair, swifter service and far lower prices are wooing away a growing number of black women.”

I think the beef between Dominican Salons and AA Salons is that they both think the other’s methods are unhealthy. I like how they said “seemingly” up there about healthier hair when going to Dominican salons. I will admit- I LOVE the results at a Dominican Shop, but I also LOVE it at an AA salon. I haven’t done them close to each other to really tell a difference. I may try it out and post the results. I think when I go to Dominicans, my hair has more body and is very bouncy. When I go to AA, it is always bone straight and weightless but with no body…I actually like both though.

AA salons think that Dominican salons are misrepresenting their services…but interesting enough, I know that alot of AA salons now offer “Dominican Blowouts” because I consistently see black salons now have “Dominican Blowout” signs in front with AA stylists performing it. They get trained by Dominicans. I can imagine that it really is taking away business from AA salons. Honestly, I am tired of AA salons upcharging so much for natural women. Now its $60 in most ATL salons to JUST straighten hair. When I was in college around 2003, I used to pay $40…$45 at most. In 7 years it has gone up $20.  Right now, I can go to a Dominican Salon for 35-40..and if I was in NY, it would be $15. I honestly can’t afford to spend $60 + a trim ($20) + Steam hydration ($20). Thats $100 PLUS a tip. The prices are getting out of hand and the Dominican salons are keeping more money in our pockets. Now, I do not AT ALL recommend going to a Dominican Salon frequently. When I used to go, I would go maybe 5 times a year. It is ALOT of heat and I am tenderheaded so it hurts my scalp. Really research before you do it. I’m not advocating going to a Dominican Salon but it is very tempting because of the results and prices.

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Another quote I wanted to show:

“Ms. Rollins and most other African-American women require a chemical “relaxer” to straighten their hair and get touch-up treatments every six weeks or so. She and many other customers say another benefit of the Dominican technique is that it extends the life of straightening chemicals, thus reducing the frequency of application and potentially harmful effects.” –Okay now, clearly a man wrote this. Most “African American women require a chemical ‘relaxer’ to straighten their hair… ” We don”t “require” anything. Require is such a strong word, like we need it to survive. HA