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Dominican Salon Prices

I went to a Dominican Salon here in Atlanta to get the prices in my area. OMG they are charging $60 for my length. They are trippin! What happened to $35 or $40 for women with natural hair …and let’s not forget $15 or $20 if you are in NY.

I immediately walked out. Apparently Dominican Salons are doing like natural hair salons did a couple of years ago and jacking up prices because of the increase of natural women going to salons.

Dominican Salons have always been around in NY, but in the south and other areas, its semi-new. I started going to Dominican Salons here in 2004 when there was only like 4 in Metro ATL (Lawrenceville and Marietta). I used to pay around $35 or $40 with similar length hair. That was also during a time where I paid only $40 to get my hair straightened at a black salon. I loved both but because of my schedule (and I wanted to spend my money on clothes instead of hair) while I was in school- I opted to go the Dominican route because they took walk ins.

Now its probably 40+ Dominican Salons all of Metro Atlanta. The last time I went, within the past 2 years I only spend $40 also so I was completely shocked to see that this particular salon is totally taking advantage and charging $60 for my length. The reason why I was thinking of going to a Dominican Salon is because most black salons charge 60+ which is not bad if I were going once every blue moon, but I wanted a little less expensive alternative since I want to go every 2 weeks for maybe 2 months while it is still cool outside.

I’m not sure if you read one of my posts earlier about how I retain my length– with my experience in my hair–when I used to get my hair straightened every couple of weeks I retained the most length. I believe this is due to the fact that my hair is not tangling and being ripped out from combs, etc.. Plus I could monitor my ends much better.

Anyway, back to this subject…I’d much rather do the healthier route of spending the same price at a great Black salon versus the sometimes damaging Dominican Salons…… Now that I think of it- I’ve NEVER had my hair burned at a Dominican Salon…but at least 4 times at a Black salon I have had heat damage so I’m totally off…so I guess my notion that I am least likely to get heat damage at a Black salon is totally false in my case. IDK what to do.

Maybe I will just have to stop being lazy and just straighten my hair myself. Uggghh Just the blowing out my hair alone makes my arms hurt before I can even get get to the straightening….We’ll see…

Do you go to Dominican Salons? Have the prices in your area gone up?