Does Twisting Your Hair At Night Really Take That Long?

I ask this question because I saw a clip from Dr. Drew’s Life Changers yesterday and the guest complained about it taking the length of watching a movie to re-twist her hair. Does it really take you all that long?

I actually hear this quite alot. When ladies are transitioning and ask what is a good tool to help with the process, I typically suggest twist outs. I always get the same response – “Ugghh! That takes too long!!!” . It takes me 30 minutes tops to twist my hair originally, and if I am re-twisting my hair after the twist out, it takes me only about 7 minutes.

Of course I do agree with the guest saying its much easier to have a short hair cut and run your fingers through it, but I still don’t buy that it takes THAT long. Check out the clip:

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How long does it take you to twist your hair at night? What is the maximum time you would ideally want to spend on your hair daily?

And shout out to Celebrity Stylist Felicia Leatherwood for doing her makeover!