DL1961 Boyfriend Jeans & Faux Fur Vest!

I absolutely love DL1961 jeans. They fit like no other jeans and have an amazing technology that contours your body and doesn’t get saggy throughout the day.

I have been wanting some boyfriend jeans for awhile because every time I get them, they just don’t fit my body right. I have a difficult shape when it comes to anything but stretch jeans. Boyfriend jeans are just tough to fit though because you want them to fit around the waist but fit loose but not too loose everywhere else. Ughh…The Struggle.

I think I got it though! I found the DL1961 Nolita boyfriend jeans from Piperlime.com and I think I have found the ones:

dl1961 nolita boyfriend jeans faux fur vest

Sanctuary Faux Fur Vest (Similar here) | White Oxford button down OldNavy.com ( here) | DL1961 Nolita Jeans from Piperlime here | Christian Louboutin Shoes here

dl1961 nolita boyfriend jeans faux fur vest dl1961 nolita boyfriend jeans faux fur vest

I also love this faux fur vest I got last winter on eBay from Sanctuary that I am so happy to wear again! I spent forever looking for the perfect brown fur vest and I finally found this one on eBay last year around this time and was hooked!dl1961 nolita boyfriend jeans faux fur vest


Oh yeah! I love my Prada Baroque sunnies (found here)! They are my favorite. I got them on super sale!

Check out some additional DL1961 boyfriend jeans and some faux fur vests and click through! (Some are on sale too!!!)

DL1961 Jeans

Faux Fur


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