DIY Summer Nails With Target

DIY Summer Nails With Target

Consideration was provided by Target.

It’s the unofficial summer, and I am sooo ready to have some fun in the sun. My birthday is coming up later this month, and I am ready for the true summer and to head on vacation. When I think of the summer, I think of the sun, bright colors, and the beach! While I dream about vacation, I will wear some fun nail colors to pretend I am in the brightly colored Caribbean.

I like to get all of my beauty products at Target because there are so many to choose from: Literally aisles and aisles of beauty heaven. Nail brand Essie has a new collection, Tropical Lights. The colors remind me of the beach and flowers, and they give me total summer vibes. I love to play in nail polish and making cool, simple designs at home. After all, those designs in the nail spas get kinda expensive when you have to pay $2 per nail. Check out my tips for 3 easy DIY nails at home.

I used Essie’s Sizzling Hot, Jewel In The Crown, and Reggae and Rum.


When I think of summer BBQs, I think of great food. Watermelon definitely sticks out to me in the summer breeze. This is a very simple nail design that anyone can do. I used Reggae and Rum as the base. From there, I did a semicircle with white nail polish. Wait until that dries. I used Sizzling Hot and made another semicircle on top of the white, leaving a portion out. Take black nail polish and do 3 dots, and voila! You have a watermelon. Easy breezy!


The watermelon nails went perfectly with my Merona Printed Romper from Target. Perfect BBQ outfit for the hot Georgia weather.


In the summer, I always think about beautiful flowers. I got this cool floral top from Merona  and some denim culottes. It was perfect that all three nail colors matched my top. I decided to do a cool gradient effect.


This was created by starting off with a white base color. From there, you take a cosmetic sponge and simply paint your colors on the sponge. Sponge the color onto your nails for a cool gradient effect. It doesn’t have to look perfect. That’s the point of these nails. Each nail will look different. Finish it off with a clear top coat for maximum shine.


These colors are spot on.


Fun in the sun

When I’m out in the sun, I NEED sunscreen. Yes, people of color need sunscreen as well. I picked up some Sun Bum Sunscreen and Lip Balm to prevent sunburn. I am headed on vacation soon, so this will come in handy.
I paired this with Jewel In The Crown. This color was so bright that I decided to keep it simple.


Tip: When you go outside of the lines, get the pointed cotton swabs and nail-polish remover for precise remover. Don’t use a cotton ball. You need something small so you don’t mess up your nails.
I’m loving these bright colors for summer. What are your favorite colors to wear on your nails in the summer?

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