Degree MotionSense Review – Sweat/Odor Free!

Degree MotionSense Review – Sweat/Odor Free!


I have been a fan of Degree for many years. As someone who sweats alot, I have tried multiple brands to find what works best for me. It can sometimes be a struggle. The perfect deodorant/anti-perspirant will keep you sweat free and odor free for at least 24 hours AND can withstand exercising!

Since I take dance classes 2+ times a week, I need something that can last during the work day and then last for class after work. I put Degree to the test! Also while I was in Trinidad I used it and never had to re-up !!

When I pick deodorants, I go for strength first and secondly I go for scents. Since most of them activate when you sweat, I want it to have a good scent. I personally prefer fruity scents with everything- for my body, hair, lipgloss, etc… I LOVE the Berry Cool from Degree MotionSense.

I’ve been rocking with Degree MotionSense since last year! I tried it out and fell in love! It worked immediately. Since using Degree, I haven’t had any issues or any moments where I didn’t feel comfortable. And when I dance, I work out HARD!  The MotionSense line is motion activated which is perfect for me when I have up and down moments throughout the day!



  • It is definitely sweat-proof. I haven’t had any problem with any sweat on my clothes or when I work out!
  • Odor-free! It really works. I haven’t had any embarrassing moments 🙂
  • They have amazing scents. My new favorite is definitely the Berry Cool
  • The MotionSense definitely “activates” when you begin to sweat or work out hard. I’m not really sure how to explain this lol, but you can smell it working more as your body heats up!
  • Withstands working out AND 90 degree heat + humidity after being outside all day.
  • I never have to re-up throughout the day! Just once in the morning after my shower and I am good for the day.

Cons  – NONE!!!

Works for me and I love it! As someone who has searched long and hard for a great deodorant that works well while I dance, this is it! Thanks Degree for coming out with a deodorant that really works!!!