Day 5 & 6- Back to Barcelona (Recap)

Day 5

We headed back that morning on a flight to go back to Barcelona. We were back to warmth!!! We decided to stick it out and keep it moving even though we were so tired! We were on a mission for some Paella. On Las Ramblas (the main popular street in Barcelona) had tons of places. They had good deals like 7 Euros for tapas, Paella, and a drink. Us, being cheap, thought it was good idea. Ugghhh…Totally not a good idea at all!! It tasted like some boxed paella. No more cheap paella for us!!

We then just walked around to see what was in the area. We found a really pretty building that alot of people were going into.

We had a long morning/afternoon because of the flight, so we decided to rest and went to take a nap around 8pm…well 8pm ended up turning into us waking up the next morning at noon lol. Sigh

Day 6

We were up and refreshed! Ready to go! We decided to spend the day shopping! We found this nice are on D’Angel near the hotel. They had all the cool shops like Spanish brands Zara and Mango, as well as tons of H&M’s. Not too far away was Top Shop.

Here is me walking down Las Ramblas!

Shopping in Barcelona was amazing!! There were tons of shoe stores and clothing stores. I did have a little trouble in some stores with being able to find my size 🙁 . It’s all skinny people in Europe! lol. But of course, my trusty H&M always has my size. I got some colored jeans on sale at Top Shop and some shirts and dresses from Zara & Mango. Mango is now one of my favorite stores 🙂

That night we went out to a club. Barcelona is known for their partying. After clubbing until 5am, we headed for breakfast. We went to bed at about 7:30 am lol.