Day 2: Paris (Day 1 in Paris)

We headed to Paris the next morning.  We had such a late night, or morning I should say hanging out at the clubs. Well, after getting horribly lost and confused on the subway, we got to the hotel and were exhausted!!!! We slept until 8:30pm, so we thought the night was a bust, but it wasn’t. We woke up and headed to Champs Elysees at the recommendation of the front desk clerk. At the time, we really didn’t know where we were going so we just followed her instructions for the subway and was pleasantly surprised to walk upstairs to the Arc de Triomphe. 

After seeing that and the Eiffel Tower in the waaayy background, we headed down the street for dinner. I got one of the very popular French dishes Beef Bourguignon (saw Julie &Julia so I had to get it). It was delicious!!!!!! It was restaurant named George’s and we sat outside and people watched.


Meanwhile, we met so many people. Well, mainly men trying to pick us up. Lol unfortunately, its  American women have a reputation in Europe for being easy so no luck for these guys lol. 
But on the other side, we found a group of drunk guys who taught us a lot of French at about 3 in the morning. They taught us all the basics. And we practiced with a lot of people on the street.  It is a lot of fun learning a new language but very difficult in France because not many speak fluent English. We were able to communicate a little with people.  

We then met a new group who decided to walk with us 30 minutes to the Eiffel Tower only to arrive to darkness. Well it was 3am lol but we thought the lights would still be on 🙁 so that was no good. We have to go back at night. We finally arrived back in our hotel around 4:30am. Clearly we haven’t adjusted to the time lol.  
As for my hair, I have been getting non-stop stares. Its really odd. Since they are smiling while staring and pointed, I guess it’s okay. Lol. I have gotten many, many compliments on my hair. I am glad I made the choices for braids. It’s made my travel life so easy,..I have been wearing them in high buns and pompadours a la Solange. I was a little nervous at first about how receptive my hair would be in the states, but after the tons of compliments in Europe, I feel much better. I haven’t worn box braids since I was maybe in middle school so this is something I haven’t tried in awhile. Solange has definitely made them come back!!