Day 1 Barcelona

We had a fabulous day. We arrived at 9am and took a shuttle to the city center Plaza Catalunya. It was a nice beautiful fountain the center and our hotel was right there!

As soon as we got there we slept until about 5:30pm πŸ™ lol so we got up and looked for a Tapas restaurant since that’s what Barcelona is known for. We ended up not finding one we liked, so we ran into a spot that sold a little bit of everything. Nervous about what to order (and not wanting to spend 1 million euros) we got … lol

After dinner, we headed to the most popular street, Las Ramblas. There we knew to watch our purse and be very cautious even though heavily populated. We met tons of nice People from all over Europe and Africa who now live in Barcelona. When you walk down the street, everyone tries to get you to go to their bar or nightclub so of course they saw the American targets lol. It was fun. We laughed and joked and learned a lot more Spanish. We were able to have conversations with everyone. We even got some free gelato!!

We came across some people who knew little English, and some who didn’t know any at all. Our crew towards the latter part was a guy named Abdul from Senegal. He took us the beach area and we hung out with his friends at Porto Olympia where we first stopped at a Reggaeton club. I ended up in a 20 minute conversation with a Spainard who didn’t understand a word I was saying, and I didn’t understand him. So we just laughed and laughed at our language barrier.

That club got boring, so we found another spot that played all the music I like- ATL music, reggaeton, and even a littler pop. It was the size of my living room but we had soooo much fun!!! We pated Barcelona style until 5:30 in the morning. Woke up early the next morning to head to Paris…. Day 2 coming later….