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Dark & Lovely AMLA Legend Shampoo & Conditioner

Dark & Lovely AMLA Legend Shampoo & Conditioner

This morning was wash day because I am headed to NY for the Lucky FABB blogger conference. I need to wash and condition and then twist my hair so I can have a fab twist out for the 2-day event!

I have been a Dark & Lovely fan forever and had been slow to try out the new Amla Legend brand only because it was marketed for relaxed hair so I never paid it much attention. I was sent the product line and it is definitely not just for relaxed hair!

Firstly, I was introduced to Amla back in the day on the hair forums before hair blogs were huge. I loved how it made my hair feel and I am so happy Dark & Lovely decided to use this powerful ingredient for their new Amla Legend line.

Their Amla Legend line is said to reverse damage in just 2 weeks.

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I tried out the Body Filler Hair Wash and the Body Filler Hair Creme to prep my hair for a twist out.

The Body Filler Hair Wash felt amazing! It had a nice pleasant scent that I can’t really explain and made my hair feel moisturized. It’s one of those shampoos you can tell has oil in it, but it’s not overly oily in your hands, but yet it makes your hair feel amazing at the same time.

With the Body Filler Hair Creme, it was a great thick consistency and coats your hair really well. I put it on and detangled my hair in 3 sections: the back half and then the top top halves. My hair felt really good with the conditioner.

After rinsing out, my hair felt super smooth and I loved it! I towel dried and prepped with products for my twist out. Deets on the twist out soon!