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Damaged Hair Recovery: The Power Of ApHogee Protein Treatment

Damaged Hair Recovery: The Power Of ApHogee Protein Treatment

OKay…you all probably saw my hair breakdown over the past 2 weeks. I decided to be cheap and color my hair myself. I used bleach- which I dye all of my weaves and dye my hair as well. I generally don’t use bleach on my hair myself and generally only do that at a salon. Well…I did it and because my hair was super dark I knew it has to go through phases. When your hair is dark brown, it goes through an orange phase and then yellow when bleaching.

So I used Bleach and 40 Developer. Once it had been a certain time, I just rinsed it out because I didn’t want it to damage my hair. My hair still felt great but the color of course was hideous. Orangey and nasty! So I hid my hair under a hat and was going to do the second round the next day. I did it again and figured I wouldn’t have to leave the bleach on long. I thought it took more and then washed it out. a tad better. I put a toner on to get the brassiness out because I was headed on vacation the next day. Since my ends were so light, with the Ash toner, the tips ended up being silvery gray. I was NOT feeling that but I had no choice but to go with it.

I waited 2 weeks and was contemplating putting  a reddish brown rinse on it, or trying another go to get it a little lighter and then do another toner because the color was off.  Okay..last time..After this time, my hair felt horrible. The curls were still intact but after using products or doing twist outs, it would be fine Day 1 and then Day 2 would feel like STRAW!!

I decided to take the L and figured I would baby my hair and let it just grow out. The Day 2’s of all of my hair styles LOOKED bad and it felt even worse. As you can see…just frizzy, no definition…you can’t see what it felt like…but straw.


Here comes in Aphogee. I haven’t used Aphogee yeearrrss ago but knew they were the best for damaged hair. I headed to my local beauty supply store and picked up a 2 step pack! The pack includes the ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment and the  ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer


I followed the steps and sat under the dryer with the Two-Step Protein Treatment and then sat under the dryer until it got hard. After I rinsed it out, I put in the Balancing Moisturizer!

My hair felt amazing!!

I decided to just do a wash & go so I put on some Ouidad’s Whipped Curls Curl Recovery as a prep and then I put on the EDEN BodyWorks All Natural Coconut Shea Pudding Souffle

Results: Juicy, soft curls that lasted 4 days!! Everyone complemented my hair this weekend and I just remembered that just a week ago my hair felt like straw and was super dry. This wash & go had definition, FELT good, and lasted awhile!

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