Daily Affirmators That Give Me Inspiration Throughout The Week

Sometimes you need some inspiration to get you through the week. My inspiration comes through hilarious, but motivational daily affirmation cards called Affirmators by comedienne Suzi Barrett. These aren’t your boring ” You are great” cards…these cards talk like I do with my friends. They have a dose of sass and funny that makes it all relatable.

I am really big into Law of Attraction. I try to not speak any negativity … I don’t think about the worse that can happen. I speak only positivity. Last year a lot of great things happened and in addition to prayer — I like to visualize what I want in life.

These cards give me a great boost in the morning and are generally aligned with whatever is going on in my life. I shuffle the cards up and pick one that speaks to me and then I read it, analyze it, and then figure out how to make it the best day ever … each day!

You can pick up these cards on Amazon


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