Cute Kid Alert: Solange’s Son Julez Fro

So Julez totally needs to be on somebody’s TV show! Solange! I need you to pitch a Disney show surrounding him. He is too cute!! Even the way he takes pictures, you can tell he is a fun kid. Or at least he should be on some Gap ads or something! lol Enough about me trying to Manage him in my head lol…

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Check out Julez with the curls defined:

Check out his picked out Fro:

Photo Credit: Solange at  

I love his hair! It is soooo cute! I am all for boys to have longer hair. They don’t always have to have a short cut. I think it looks cute.

Random funny story- I was at Essence one year and had front row tickets. My sister and I sat next to Tina Knowles and Julez- He was a baby then. He is an adorable kid.